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"Since, in addition to managing, I am also responsible for marketing at our parent company HC Arnoldi, the question of how we can express our gratitude at Christmas time came up again this year. It quickly became clear to us that we wanted to do something charitable this year. Instead of giving presents to our customers, we would like to give something back to the country where many of our rough stones come from. That's why HC Arnoldi donates to Partnerschaft für Afrika e.VThe organization is committed to children, youth and mothers in Tanzania. The country has been hit hard by inflation, drought and the current shortage on the grain market due to the Ukraine crisis. HC Arnoldi and don't want to look away, but want to help to ensure that people in poverty continue to be helped. The fact that we are able to help at all is thanks to our loyal customers. Without this good cooperation, we would only have been able to contribute half as little to the fundraiser. Thank you very much!" 

- Isaline Arnoldi,

The initiators of the association, Friederike Heidenhof and her husband, Dr. Günter Heidenhof, visited our company headquarters in Kirschweiler on 10. November 2022 to receive the donations in person. See more in our video.

In the course of this, they once again enlightened us about their immensely important work and impressive progress:

"We have made it our mission to take children out of need and to enable everyone to lead an independent life through education and training. For this purpose, we are personally in Tanzania at least twice a year (*) and monitor the project implementation and the use of donated funds. We and our co-founders are primarily concerned with helping children on the right path through education and further support so that they can later lead an independent life. We take care of disabled children, street children, orphans in the slums and HIV-positive children. Many of them have experienced violence or even abuse in addition to poverty and neglect. Poverty and lack of educational opportunities are the biggest obstacles for society to get out of poverty. We see our work as active escape prevention and protection against radicalization. Many of our protégés are now mechanics, teachers, IT experts or even doctors instead of hopelessly hanging around in the slums. We not only give them the chance to become independent, but also help them make a positive contribution to society in the future," says Friederike Heidenhof.

(*) All administrative and travel costs are borne privately by the founders and a main sponsor.

In the meantime, the association has created space for 1,000 students in two orphanages, an elementary school and a high school. In addition, workshops for young people and a comprehensive educational program have been established and expanded.

Get a closer impression of the campaign and the visit of Friederike and Dr. Günther Heidenhof in our video about the Christmas campaign 2022, together with Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V..

Partnerschaft für Africa e.V.
has been able to sustainably achieve the impressive success stories with its 10-step program.

Step 1:
Identification of special hardship cases and finding solutions for children in need.

Step 2:
Treatment of physically ill or disabled children and psychological support for traumatized children.

Step 3:
Care for children in their families, provided that immediate danger can be ruled out, and financing of schooling, subsistence and medical care.

Step 4:
Establishment and support of orphanages to bring children out of acute need and danger to safety.

Step 5
: Establish and support primary and secondary schools to provide quality education for orphans and youth.

Step 6:
Awarding education and study scholarships from a separate "education fund" for particularly gifted students (orphans) to support society with young qualified talent.

Step 7:
Stabilization of the remaining relatives by helping them to help themselves and to maintain the social structure of the children.

Step 8:
Accompanying the orphans and young people and teaching them important "life skills".

Step 9:
Offering training and providing start-up capital to enable them to find a job or become self-employed.

Step 10:
Motivating alumni to make their own contribution to children in need.

To learn more in detail about the 10-step program and the work of Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V., click here.

"We are incredibly impressed by the work of Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V. 100% of the donations arrive exactly where they are urgently needed. Especially at the current time, where not only prices are rising locally, but also the exchange rate to the dollar is gnawing away at donations, it is now enormously important to support such an organization. Organizations like this have no fixed source of income and it is a mammoth task to keep track of how many more destinies can be accommodated and still ensure that the school fees of the current graduates can continue to be raised. We are proud to support Partnerschaft für Afrika e.V. together with our customers."

- Carl-Philip Arnoldi

Find the donation account here. Every cent arrives without deduction!

Already since 2021 supports two start-up partnerships in Tanzania. It is an absolute matter of the heart for us and above all we are happy about great personal messages to our partners.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts everyone who has supported us in this wonderful deed and will continue to do so!

Source: / 03.12.2022

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