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Explanation of how diamonds are treated

 R: The stone was threated with gamma or electron radiation and then, if necessary with heat

 H: The diamond was heated
 N: This is a natural diamond without any treatment for quality enhacement

 Explanation of the quality of diamonds

FL: The diamond is flawless and shows no inclusions under a 10x lens
VVS1-VVS2: In the diamond there are very small inclusions that are only visible under a lense

VSI1-VSI2: small or multiple tiny inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. They can often only be find complexity wit a 10x magnification

SI1-SI2: In the diamond are slight- to significant inclusions under 10x magnification 

PQ1-PQ3: Inclusions with the naked eye (without lense) slightly visible


Explanation of the categorisation of colours

Highfine White-Highfine White+: The diamond is colourless

White-Fine White: The diamond is almost colourless

Lightly tinted white-lightly tinted white+: Coloration is difficult to see for the naked eye. In direct comparison, you can only see this coloration if you have a diamond from the upper categories.
Tinted white-tinted white+: These diamonds have a very distinct yellow coloration


    • There might be slight colour differeneces within a group.
    • Different monitors can cause colour deviations. The colour settings of a monitor can distort the actual colour of the gemstone.


    General explanation

      • The size of the gemstones can deviate +/- 0.1 mm from the information provided.
      • Specifying a weight range means that several diamonds are offered under this product category. Since no diamond is the exact same weight as the other, a weight range is used.