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Glossary & Explanation

Explanation of how gemstones are treated

R: The stone was treated with gamma or electron radiation and then, if necessary, with heat.

H: The stone was heated.

H*: Treatment by heating cannot be ruled out since this treatment method is usually used for this type of stone. Even a gemmological examination cannot determine whether the stone has been heated or not. Therefore, we generally assume treatment with heat.

N: This is a natural gemstone without any treatment for quality enhancement.

Explanation of the quality of gemstones

ec: This is an eye-clean gemstone. The stone shows no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

SI: The stone shows minor inclusions visible to the naked eye. The look of the gemstone is not significantly affected.

I: The stone shows clearly visible inclusions.

SI-I: The gemstone has light to medium inclusions which are revealed depending on the viewing angle.

Explanation of the categorisation of colours

AAA: dark blue

AA: medium blue

A: light blue

B: pastel blue

  • There may be slight colour differences within a product group.
  • Different monitors can cause colour deviations. The colour settings of a monitor can distort the actual colour of the gemstone.
  • There may be colour differences between products of different shapes. For example, a round aquamarine in AAA can be lighter than an oval aquamarine with the same AAA colour designation.

General explanation

  • The size of the gemstones can deviate +/- 0.1 mm from the information provided.
  • Specifying a weight range means that several gemstones are offered under this product category. Since no gemstone is the exact same weight as the other, a weight range is used.