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GEMHYPE.COM offers you more. We create a uniform quality standard, use sustainable packaging for our deliveries and, above all, provide transparent communication regarding the origin and treatment of gemstones.

Carl-Philip Arnoldi (Co-founder)

Being environmentally friendly is extremely important to us. We want to keep our ecological footprint as minimal as possible; we only ship our gemstones in recyclable packaging materials.

Isaline Arnoldi (Co-founder)

Die neue Generation des Edelsteingroßhandels. Lerne uns kennen!


In our designs you will find an exclusive selection of new and unique gemstone combinations. Let this selection inspire you to create unique pieces of jewelry.

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The aquamarine

The aquamarine belongs to the beryl family, along with other coloured gemstones. Aquamarine is available in a wide range of shades of blue – hence the name, which comes from Latin and means “coloured by seawater”.

Aquamarine collection

Mandarin Garnet

The mandarin garnet belongs to the garnet group. The most coveted colour is also known as “Fanta” – named after the colour of the famous soft drink.

Mandarin Garnet Collection