Our mission

24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, we offer our customers a comprehensive and transparent online service for the purchase of high-quality gemstones!

Our values

We offer a high and uniform quality standard. Transparent communication, particularly with regard to the origin and type of treatment of the gemstones, is important to us. In addition, we work fairly and sustainably – from the extraction of the gemstones to the final shipping.

Our approach

The company was established in the gemstone town of Idar-Oberstein and offers gemstones that were also processed here in the region. All gemstones that are offered in the online shop go through a strict quality check. Every single gemstone is examined and evaluated according to our quality standards. In this way, we guarantee that our quality remains as constant as possible. In addition, only gemstones from conflict-free countries are offered. Learn more about our fair and sustainable approach.


The founding team

The siblings Isaline and Carl-Philip Arnoldi grew up in Idar-Oberstein. Thanks to the family business HC Arnoldi e. K., a gem lapidary based in Kirschweiler, both became familiar with gemstones from an early age. At the end of 2019, Isaline and Carl-Philip decided to launch an online shop for coloured gemstones – since April 2020, buyers from the jewellery industry have had the opportunity to purchase gemstones at GEMHYPE.COM.  


Isaline ...

        completed her master’s degree in media and communication management in Munich in 2018. Then she worked in the organisation of trade fairs in Munich. After six years in Bavaria, she is now moving back to Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein. Since the summer of 2019, she has taken over the Marketing department at her parents’ company.

Which gemstone do you like the most?

For me, the question is relatively easy to answer, the tourmaline!
Simply because this stone comes in such a wide range of colours, there is something for every taste. There is a suitable colour shade for every season and every occasion, from a simple silver grey to a bright neon blue – for a summery look. But what fascinates me the most is the bi- or tri-colour tourmalines. It is simply inspiring what nature can produce. In addition, expert processing can improve the play of colours of the tourmalines and only then fully bring out the different colours.

What fascinates you most about the gemstone industry?

What particularly fascinates me is the collaboration that takes place with a wide variety of countries and cultures. It shows that the world of gemstones inspires people across national borders. Another aspect
is the product itself. To be able to see every day what our earth is capable of is simply incredible. Of course, there are also challenges in my area of work of marketing. In particular, the product presentation sometimes turns out to be a small challenge when it comes to optimally staging the stones in print or online media. However, this makes my work more interesting and there are no limits to my creativity due to the large variety of products available.



       has always been at home in the fascinating world of gemstones. In 2015 he completed his apprenticeship as a gemstone cutter at his family business. Subsequently, he completed his Bachelor in SME management between 2017 and 2019. Since the summer of 2019 he has been running the family company together with his father Hubert Arnoldi.

Which gemstone do you like the most?

What fascinates me most is the tsavorite. On the one hand because of its bright green colour, on the other hand a personal experience connects me with this stone. My father and I once received a call from one of our suppliers.He informed us that he had found a beautiful tsavorite lot. Due to the rarity of the stones, we booked the next flight to Arusha, Tanzania. In our fast-moving times, direct contact with the country of origin is extremely important. It turned out that the lot was actually very extraordinary due to its quantity and beauty. However, the subsequent negotiations were very time-consuming. They dragged on for a total of eight days and no agreement was in sight until our last day there. Two hours before departure we received the confirmation from the supplier, our quick action had paid off. Thanks to this experience, I associate tsavorites with a lot of excitement and fascination.

What fascinates you most about the gemstone industry?

My enthusiasm for the industry lies above all in the diversity of the work environment. Sometimes we travel to the most remote places to find rare gemstones and then the following week we are in the world metropolises of New York or Hong Kong selling our products.


 Thanks to the combined experience that both have already gained, Isaline working outside the gemstone industry and Carl-Philip in the family business, both siblings feel ready to actively help shape the transformation of the gemstone industry. The current family tradition is thus ensured. 

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