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GEMHYPE.COM helps with business start-ups 

It is common knowledge that gemstones do not grow on trees, but are treasures which the earth's crust keeps sometimes more, sometimes less hidden. As a start-up which has an international operating company in its background we face up to our social responsibility in the partner countries with which we feel connected through the trade of gemstones. Especially young people often have a hard time to get a professional foothold in these countries due to high youth unemployment. For many of them, setting up their own business is a good way to earn their own living later on. We want to support such young people. The association „Partnership for Africa“ , with which we are personally acquainted, has set up a program whose recipe for combating poverty - especially among orphans and half-orphans - is education and care from A to Z.

Background: As a result of the HIV epidemic prevalent in Tanzania, a high number of fathers and mothers are still dying. They often leave behind infants, children and adolescents as orphans or half-orphans, in many cases also (HIV-positive) mothers, who are sickly, destitute and unskilled and live in inhumane housing conditions. 

For this purpose, the „Partnership for Africa“ founded the „MVC-Program“ for „Most Vulnerable Children“ and promotes school education, training and study for children and young people who would otherwise have no chance. In the course of time it became more and more evident that some graduates have no chance to gain a foothold in the job market due to a high unemployment rate despite a good education. The approach „Education from A to Z“ by "Partnership for Africa" contributes to building up the next generation as a pillar of strengthened society through education and help for self-help and thus also to fight the causes of flight on site.

In 2018/19, business start-up grants were begun to be awarded to graduates who had developed and presented promising business plans for small-scale self-employment in business training sessions: a water delivery service for slum dwellers, a stationery and copy store, a food delivery service for remote Maasai villages, etc. These projects are still running successfully today and have benefits for the individual and the community (e.g. via tax revenues, additional jobs, co-supply for siblings). They enable young people to find their way out of poverty and alienation, to support themselves and, if necessary, later families. 


We support Rose Mkari and Kenneth Nathai with a start-up sponsorship

Rose Mkari, 26, was sponsored by „Partnership for Africa“ to „middle school level“ but didn't have the talent for another school career. Instead, she started to earn money on her own by buying and reselling used hats. Because of this good initiative, she has now been equipped by us with a small start-up capital to open her own store. Rose will make it!






Kenneth Nathai, 24,
trained as an electrician. Unemployment followed after graduation, but he took matters into his own hands: he started a delivery service, using his buddy Emmanuel's discarded hand truck. Emmanuel gave his cart away as his contribution to the program to Kenneth, who was able to start a small business with it. As a result of this initiative, Kenneth now also received seed money from us for a tricycle motorcycle to expand his delivery service.


The initiators of the association, Friederike Heidenhof and her husband, Dr. Günter Heidenhof, are personally on site at least twice a year to monitor project implementation and the use of donations. „The main concern of us and our co-founders is to help children on the right path through school education and further support, so that they can later lead an independent life. We take care of disabled children, street children, orphans in the slums and HIV-positive children. In addition to poverty and neglect, many of them have also experienced violence or even abuse. „We see our work as active escape prevention and protection against radicalization. Many of our protégés are now mechanics, teachers, IT experts or even doctors instead of hopelessly hanging around in the slums“, says Friederike Heidenhof.
In the meantime, the association has built two orphanages, an elementary school, a high school and a comprehensive educational program. 

You can find out more about Partnerships for Africa at

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