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Review of the year 2022 - GEMHYPE.COM

We look back on the year 2022! Gemhype.com has left the start-up status, celebrates its 3rd anniversary and some milestones have been achieved, which we would like to share with you.

A Christmas gift for Tanzania

In the stressful pre-Christmas period, we think about what gifts to put under the Christmas tree for our loved one. Of course, we also think about how we can give our customers a little joy at this...

The actor Spinel and the birth of gemology

With its Mohs hardness of 8, spinel is one of the hardest colored gemstones and is therefore ideally suited for processing as a gemstone. They are characterized by excellent brilliance and spectacu...

Gemstones processing methods

Each gemstone is a unique gift of nature. We cannot influence how many crystals the earth forms, and a rough stone cannot be immediately used in a piece of jewelry. Therefore, some gemstones are tr...

Special Sapphires

The sapphire is one of the most famous gemstones in the world and is classified in the corundum group. Although sapphires cover a wide range of colors, from pink, purple and green to yellow and ora...

That´s New(s) This Month at GEMHYPE!

A lot has happened at GEMHYPE this month. We were part of the GZ Goldschmiedezeitung and launched our new collection with fourteen new gold colored tourmalines to match the summer trend!