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Gemstones and water. This connection exists!

The gemstone as healing stone  In everyday life we often forget to drink enough (liquid). But especially in summer it´s important to drink enough. If we don’t drink enough, the first thing we ...

Covid-19 | Danger for the gemstone industry?

Trade fairs are among the most important communication and sales platforms of a company. For business-to-business communication, trade fairs are ideally suited to present yourself to customers in p...

Idar-Oberstein | A Changing City

From a centuries-old tradition to the year 2020 - innovation and tradition meet. GEMHYPE.COM gives a brief insight into the long tradition of the gemstone industry.

Fair trade gemstones

Fair trade is no longer unusual these days. Many retailers from a wide range of industries rely on sustainable products as well as on sustainable and fair production processes. Find out here how GE...