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Amethyst is the most sought-after stone in the quartz group. The usual color variety ranges from violet to pale red-violet, with the color in the crystal tips of the amethyst being the strongest. Originating from the Greek, the name "amethyst" is derived from the meaning "not drunk". This name has its origins in the ancient belief that amethyst was a powerful amulet against drunkenness.


Amethysts are found in druses, on fissures and on soaps. One of the most important deposits is Brazil, where different varieties of amethyst can be discovered, such as the "Palmeira amethyst" from Rio Grande do Sul and the "Marabá amethyst" from Pará. Other important deposits can be found in Madagascar, Zambia and Uruguay. Less frequently, amethyst is found in India, Canada, Mexico, Myanmar, Namibia, Russia, Sri Lanka and the USA (Arizona, Maine).



A cross set with amethysts and diamonds from the early 20th century, made by the British jeweler Garrard. The pendant was purchased in the 1980s by Naim Attallah, who lends his name to the cross. Attalah was a good friend of the Princess and lent it to her for several appearances. Most notably, she wore the cross to a charity gala in London in 1987. Lady Diana perfectly paired the piece of jewelry with a purple and black velvet dress in baroque style. This historic jewel was auctioned off at Sotheby's in January 2023 to Kim Kardashian for $197,453.


With a height of 3.27 m and a weight of 2.5 tons, the famous amethyst geode from Uruguay is one of the largest in the world. The amethysts of the "Empress of Uruguay" are strong and dark purple in color. The gigantic geode was discovered and extracted in 2007. This process took almost three months due to its considerable size. The first owners were René and Nelleke Boissevain, two established Australian collectors and dealers of minerals from Uruguay. They purchased the Empress for $75,000 - a reasonable price for the amount of amethysts in the geode. The "Empress of Uruguay" is now in their museum "The Crystal Caves" in Queensland, Australia. Its value has risen sharply since then and is now estimated at $200,000, but is currently not for sale.


Amethyst is also known as the king of healing stones, as hardly any other gemstone is so well-known for its healing properties. It stands for the purification of body and mind, as well as inner peace. Amethyst can have a calming effect on the nerves and the heart, which can improve sleep. It is also said to have a concentration-enhancing effect.

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