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An eventful year is now behind all of us. Seen from the outside, 2022 was characterized by highs and lows. It was a year that we will not forget.

There was also a lot going on at But before we start the new year full of energy, we would like to follow our ritual and review the past year.

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... a total of 34,063 people from 25 different countries and 4 continents - including Europe, Africa, Asia and North America - visited our online store. In total, our website was visited 37,578 times.

... over 5,300 gemstones were shopped at Among them, the top products 2022 are our tourmalines and aquamarines, but the sapphires and diamonds were also very popular.

... the 800 milestone was surpassed! We now have over 850 registered customers, including goldsmiths, designers, retailers and of course jewelers. For everyone, our gemstone experts are happy to provide support.

... our gemstone and business know-how was shared in 12 blog posts. Our readers were most interested in the posts about The history about the origin of gemstones, International Women's Day and Special sapphires from Tanzania.

Strong expansion of the gemstone portfolio 

The expansion of our product variety was high on our to-do list at the beginning of the year. We really want our customers to have everything they need. Until then, we still have a lot to do. Nevertheless, we are proud to offer in our store more than 1,300 colored gemstones in different sizes and quality levels. This assortment includes 28 different types of gemstones in 12 different colors with many sub-shades. Customers looking for calibrated gemstones, unique specimens or gemstones between 5,- to 20,000 Euro will find what they are looking for.

Did you know? Together with HC Arnoldi we have a large offline warehouse with a wide selection of gemstones, which we have not yet exhibited in our online store. Are you looking for a special gemstone or do you have a special request? Do not hesitate to contact us!

To push the assortment expansion, 8 new gemstone collections were launched, among others to the gemstone types beryl, tourmaline and spinel. We have significantly expanded the assortment of diamond and sapphire. turned 3 years this fall! was founded in autumn of 2019. On 1st April 2020, gemstone tradition met the modern spirit of digitalization when the online store was released by Isaline and Carl-Philip.

Three years later, the initial idea to provide a round-the-clock, holistic, transparent online service for purchasing high-quality gemstones has turned into a company that has left the start-up status. has grown out of its infancy. Not least due to the support of the parent company HC Arnoldi, which is well established in the gemstone market.

In April 2022 and HC Arnoldi have moved even closer together. Just in time for the 2-year anniversary of the online store, we announced our re-branding.

Learn more about this in our blog post HC ARNOLDI X GEMHYPE!

The logical consequence of the change in digitalization was to expand the togetherness of HC Arnoldi and on the market even more and to show how the companies can dynamically fulfill market and customer wishes hand in hand. Together, they provide even higher quality customer service and respond more quickly to market trends.

Founders support founders 

Today, Carl-Philip, Isaline and the team are supporting founders of companies in the Birkenfeld region or those who would like to become one.
On October 27, 2022
, the Gemhype founders held a start-up workshop for students at the Idar-Oberstein campus of the University of Applied Sciences Trier and reported about how a business, especially in the gemstone industry, can be built up sustainably and gave the graduates helpful tips for building a business.

Expansion of a powerful team

Carl-Philip: "A big highlight for me last year was seeing how much effort our team showed and how quickly we grew with the online store thanks to them. We not only achieved our annual goals, we even beat them. I am particularly impressed by the willingness to learn and the motivation of each individual to work for and to develop their own skills daily. The main goal is always to make the store as easy, efficient and appealing as possible for our customers. I am very grateful to work in a team like this!"

Customer satisfaction: 5-star rating 

The constant expansion and improvement of our service was also a present topic in 2022. It is our daily motivation to optimally support our B2B customers in the procurement of gemstones through the products offered in our online store, transparent advice from our gemstone experts and fast shipping processing.

Continuously, we analyze what we do and offer and respond to feedback as well as criticism from our corporate customers. This is the very reason why we are proud to have exclusively received 5 out of 5 star ratings in 2022.
Needless to say, we are not resting on our laurels! We continue to keep an eye on the changing modern age and the trend of the times, questioning existing processes and considering how we can provide even better support in the selection of gemstones.

One of the winners of the Startup Award Rhineland-Palatinate

Whaaaaat! Isaline and Carl-Philip were among the finalists of the Startup Award Rhineland-Palatinate last year.

They won a personal SEO strategy workshop, which they attended in October. Together with Mathias Wollweber from Eberle & Wollweber (Instagram: eberlewollweber), a creative advertising agency, they fine-tuned the communication of, questioned the existing strategy and developed it further. The two were thrilled with the workshop and were able to take away a lot of new knowledge.

We warmly thank our customers for their business loyalty and look forward to a good cooperation also in this year.

The team wishes a good start into the new year 2023, much success and health! 

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