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Why is it important to define my goals?

Why is it important to define my goals? To start the year without defining your goals is like sitting in a car without any plans where to drive – let’s face it? Most of the time,we exactly know where we want to go when we sit down on the driver’s seat. And if we don’t know the exact destination, we use suitable tools.

Consider goals as your individual tool, your navigation through the business jungle. Break down your main goals into many sub-goals and use them to develop your roadmap for a successful 2022!

Of course, you don’t need the turn of the year to set goals. However, the turn of the year brings an advantage: euphoria and motivation that comes with the New Year! GEMHYPE founders Isaline & Carl-Philip Arnoldi use this new power every year - in their professional and personal lives. 

They will tell you how to define goals properly and what you should always keep in mind.

What’s the best way to start setting goals?

The inventory

First, start by looking back at  the past year. Take a detailed inventory. This will give you a basic foundation that will make it easier for you to work on goal setting. You'll broaden your view and recognize new possibilities to boost your growth as an entrepreneur and that of your Goldsmiths.

To support you in this first step, we've created a planner for you to fill out: „Review: MY 2021“

Click here to download the planner.

Focus on your business areas

Look at the most important business areas.
In which area do you want to increase yourself and your company?
What will push you and your business forward?

For example, these can be:

· Customers, business partners, coorporations
· Events, training
· Sales market
· Marketing(promotions, digital marketing, influencers)
· Finance and investment
· Logistics
· Employee recruitment and satisfaction· Sustanability and environmental awareness
· Awards and publications

Analyze your business areas 

Take a closer look on your business areas and think about your overall goals for every area. Think big and long term. Later, you can separate your goals in smaller and realistic sub-goals. And always keep in mind your annual review, when you thinking about this.

The following questions may help you with this: 

· What do I want to achieve in this area?
· What should define the area? What are the core Values?
· Where/how can I make workflows more effective?
· In what/through what can we become more effective/creative?

For each goal, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

· Why do I want to achieve this goal?
· What do I need to achieve this goal?
· Into which 3/5/10 intermediate goals can I divide my goal?

        Small subgoals, so-called milestones, are enormously important. If a goal always seems unattainable, it has a negative effect on your motivation. That' s why it’s so essential to define achievable steps from initially unattainable goals. Don't we all love the feeling of crossing things off our to-do list because we got them done? Achieving smallgoals gives you the incentive to keep at it. 

        When achieving goals, always think about the team! Divide up individual milestones within your team and celebrate your achievements and goals together at the end. We promise you: This will bring you even closer together!

        How should goals be formulated? 

        It is best to use a very well-known criteria grid, the SMART method, as a guide. This specifies that goals should fulfill the following criteria:

        In the end, make sure that the goals are formulated appropriately for you. There is no right or wrong. Ultimately, your goals should motivate you and drive your business forward!

        Last but not least, we give you "5 golden rules" which you should try to follow: 

        # WHAT, NOT HOW

        Always think about what you want to achieve. But don't think in detail about how you will achieve it; your imagination is not enough for that. Just trust the process. In the end, always decide and act in favor of your goals.

        # FEEL

        Imagine it's January 2023, you're looking back on the past year and what you've achieved, if not exceeded, all of your goals. How does that feel? Manifest your goals. 

        # TRUST

        Have confidence in yourself, in your team, in your business idea. Trust in your ability, in time and in fate. Lookless to the right and left, and focus on your path. 

        # BE POSITIVE

        Visualize what you want, not what you don't want. Don't focus on stress or worries, do focus on ease and success. 

        # NO LIMIT

        Don't limit your imagination, and don't let current life circumstances or beliefs limit you.

        Source: Book „The New You“


        2022 - don't you think that the "22" in "2022" is a lucky number? We firmly believe that this year will be YOUR year! 

        The GEMHYPE team is here to support you and wishes you and your business a phenomenal start into your lucky year! 

        GEMHYPE TIP: Keep an eye on our newsletter this January! We'll let you know this month what trends are predicted for the new year and what "special events" you shouldn't miss!

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