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In 2020, jewelry is once again one of the top 10 most popular Christmas gifts among Germans. But how does it compare to 2019, has the jewelry category managed to advance in the ranking?

Christmas 2021

1st place Money and vouchers 59%

2nd place Food/sweets 57%

3rd place
 Books/E-Books 55%

4th place Toys 49%

5th place Clothes 41%

6th place Jewelry 29%

7th place Cosmetics 28%

8th place CDs/DVDs 22%

9th place Sporting goods 20%

10th place Consumer electronics 18%

Keep it up!

Here, in direct comparison, the ranking of 2020. Compared to 2019, a small rise on the ranking list. The jewelry category has moved up two places on the ranking list. Thus, we are in 6th place with jewelry as the most popular Christmas gift. This year we are still struggling with Covid-19, fortunately we were able to welcome some of our customers at trade shows this year and meet them in person. Of course, the personal exchange with customers is equally crowned with success, as the customers can view and admire the jewelry, or in our case, the gemstones on site. Even though we sell our gemstones online and that is the future for us, we are totally happy to meet our customers in person. Of course we don't want to miss that.

Jewelry trends 2021

This year we said goodbye to filigree jewelry and hello to big jewelry like chunky necklaces, statement earrings and eye-catching big rings. The motto: the bigger, the better. Also, the pearls may not be missing this year, as well as the mix of gold and silver jewelry and jewelry made of colored gemstones in rainbow colors.

#1 The combination of gold and silver jewelry is in vogue

What was previously unthinkable, this year became the star!
The mix of gold and silver jewelry can take any form, whether in the form of two necklaces, or in the form of a bracelet. The combination of two different components exudes a lightness.Here you will find great jewelry to combine:

#2 Pearl jewelry

2021 beats completely out of the norm! - Goodbye smooth pearl jewelry, welcome baroque pearls. No more uniformly symmetrical pearls, this year baroque pearls are very much in vogue. Baroque beads are characterized by their natural and uneven shape. Each bead is unique and therefore an eye-catcher. The pearls can be used in many ways, both as elegant earrings, or as a beautiful pearl necklace. This year, not everything has to be accurate and symmetrical, it may be fancy and elegant at the same time.
At you can find beautiful earrings made of baroque pearls.

#3 chunky chains and #4 flashy rings

This year, the Chunky chains developed into a real eye-catcher. The Chunky chains can be combined in many ways, from a basic t-shirt to an elegant evening dress. The Chunky chain gives every outfit a special touch.
Matching the chunky chain, of course, the rings may also be flashy this year. Here also applies: the larger, the more beautiful.
There are great chunky style rings to be found at Stilnest, check it out: discover Stilnest!

#5 Rainbow colors

Finally, our popular colored stones also find a place in this year's trend. Rainbow colors in the most diverse variations. Jewelry made of colored stones can be composed of different types of stones. From garnets, like Mandarin Garnet and Royal Purple Garnet, to colorful tourmalines, to beautiful aquamarines.
Fittingly, we also have great rainbow lines of tourmaline, garnet, tanzanite and beryl in our B2B online store for gemstones. We are fully in the trend.
Rainbow-Line at GEMHYPE.COM.

A great finished piece of jewelry in Rainbow design can be found at Capolavoro: The Rainbow Ring brings out the great colors of the colored gemstones.
You can also find more at

We are already looking forward to next year's trends and are excited to see what will amaze us this time.💎🤍


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