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Christmas 2020

Among the top 10 most popular Christmas gifts in Germany has been jewelry for many years. In 2019 jewelry was in the 8 place¹. We are curious how it will look this year.


1st place    money and vouchers 56%

2nd place    food/sweets 47%

3rd place    books/e-books 43%

4th place    toys 39%

5th place    clothing 32%

6th place    events 30%

7th place    cosmetics 27%

8th place    jewelry 25%

9th place    CDs/DVDs 18%

10th place  furnishings 16% 

We are looking positively at the Christmas business

This is the ranking of 2019 - we are excited to see how this year will turn out! The holiday shopping season is already in full swing - November and December are among the busiest months for retailers. This year, as we all know, everything is differet and we wonder to what extent Covid-19 will have an impact on consumer behaviour in relation to the Christmas business.  

If we trust the studies already published on German's planned spending for Christmas 2020, they make us feel positive. According to these, the majority of Germans do not plan to reduce their Christmas budget for gifts. 53% of participants want to spend at least as much as in 2019. 28% of respondents plan to spend less and around 32 % even want to increase the budget. In contrast, an international comparison reveals that many countries would rather spend less than in previous years. 49% of participants from England plan to be more frugal this year and in France the figure is 33%.²

This year will not be easy for the majority of companies across all industries. Nevertheless, we hope for the best and remain optimistic.

Internal jewelry trends 

Now we look at current trends in the field of jewelry, which we can register internalley.. In an interview with a sales representative of the gemstone cutting company HC Arnoldi e.K. we were able to establish some trends internally that have come about through exchanges with goldsmiths, ateliers and designers. 

At the top of the trend list

Fine stud earrings instead of pendants! Why? We were given a very plausible answer to this question. SJewelry manufacturers are responding to the current needs of the consumers -  the reason is the mouth guards. By wearing the mask, elaborately designed ear jewelry no longer comes into its own. In addition, ear pendants are in danger of losing them due to the constant putting on and taking off the mask. Thats why fine and simple earrings are in trend now! Our finely matched pairs of gemstones  can be optimally processed into delicate stud earrings.

For new designs, the focus is once again more on finger rings. While it is a bit more simple on the ears, it may be a bit more striking and elaborate - maybe even more personal - on the hand. Our gemstone  highlights are particularly suitable for individual designs and make designer hearts beat faster. 

Heirlooms are experiencing a revival at this time. Our customers are getting more and more requests to remake an heirloom. Often the gemstone is changed or even the entire piece of jewelry is redesigned so that it fits the personality of the wearer, but the sentimental value is retained.   

In addition, more coates of arms are being made again. Whether it is the current situation that is causing people to be more nostalgic and familiar? 

We can't confirm it, but it's quite possible that this crisis will make people think more about their family and their origins again. Covid-19 allows people to focus more on the important things in life. This means that, despite social distancing, relationships are cultivated more consciously, whether with family,  friends or partners. As a result of not being able to be as physically close to one's family as before, inherited pieces of jewelry may become more important again.

¹ Ernst & Young GmbH: Telephone Survey by an independent market research institue, survey period October 2019: 10.10. to 28.10., 1.000 adult consumers from  germany. germany, France, UK, Brazil, Australia, canada, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South korea, USA
² Online-survey by Rakuten Advertising, survey period: June/July 2020, 8.673 adults from 15 States 
Fotographie: Unsplash URL:
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