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The gemstone as healing stone 

In everyday life we often forget to drink enough (liquid). But especially in summer it´s important to drink enough. If we don’t drink enough, the first thing we lose is our ability to concentrate.

In connection with water, gemstones can help our wellbeing and contribute to the health of our body. In this connection special healing-and Water stones are used. Water stones are considered valuable and are an important part of alternative medicine. Scientific knowledge is largely missing, so the use of healing- and water stones is associated with many assumptions and a strong belief in their impact.

The effect of healing and water stones refers to the mental and physical areas of our body. Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1197) already attributed special importance to gemstones. She was one of the first to write about the effects of healing stones in the human body:

“God […] neither let the radiance or the power of the gemstones go away, because he wanted them to be appreciated and praised on earth and to serve as a cure”

The quote reflects Hildegard von Bingen´s conviction regarding the connection between gemstones and their healing affect.

But what are water stones? A water stone is a gemstone that is suitable for the production of gemstone water. There are several gemstones that are suitable for the production of gemstone water and are also used as healing stones. For example aquamarines, amethysts and black tourmalines.

The aquamarine

The aquamarine is one of the most important healing stones. In connection with water, it is said to bring calmness and peace to our body. It also has an effect on the throat-chakra, which is why it is called the stone of singers and musicians. It promotes creativity and communication skills.

According to a legend the aquamarine comes from a mermaid`s treasure chest. Hence its name, which translates as “sea water”. It is also considered as a protective stone against seasickness. It symbolizes peace, brings spiritual growth and is said to counteract depression. In addition, it serves to strengthen self-confidence and condition.

The amethyst

The amethyst also belongs to the healing stones. It is said to have a positive effect on the mind and provides a deep inner peace. All superfluous sensations and thoughts should be displaced by the amethyst. The violet color enriches our fantasy. Blockades and inhibitions should be solved. The name of the amethyst comes from the Greek, derived from “amethyein”, which means “not drunk”. The effect of the amethyst is said to prevent drunkenness. The Greeks often carried the stone with them. They also believed that the amethyst would keep evil thoughts and magic away.

The black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is also used as a healing stone. It is said to counteract stress, strain, and also stimulates the regenerative power of our body cells. The tourmaline should free the soul from bad influences and thus give us more self-assurance.

Its current name has only been known since the 18th century, it comes from the Sinhalese word “turmali” and means “heterogeneous stone”. In the past, people believed that the gemstone could shine from within itself. Of course this is not true, but the Tourmaline shows different colors depending on the angle of view. It is considered as a protective stone against negative energies.

Not all gemstones are appropriate for the production of gemstone water. It is therefore advisable to inform yourself about the effect and application of water stones. Unsuitable waterstones are all synthetically produced gemstones. These have no healing effect in combination with water. Irradiated, glued and colored stones are also not qualified and can even be harmful to health.

This post is non-binding information. The content has been written with care, but the responsibility for the use of healing stones and production of gemstone water is up to the reader..

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