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30 days right of return. 30 days right of return.

Aquamarine AA - blue, oval, 6x4 mm, 0.37 - 0.45 cts, Nr. A20002

In stock/delivery time 2-5 days (EU)

Informationen zum Edelstein
Type of stone Aquamarin
Color blau
Weight 0.37 - 0.45 cts
Shape oval
Size 6 x 4 mm
Quality ec
Cut facettiert
Treatment erhitzt
Origin Madagascar, Mozambique
Hardness 7,5-8 (A)
Explanation of the abbreviations.

Explanation of quality grading for colored gemstones

  • eye-clean (ec): The gemstone is free of inclusions visible to the naked eye.
  • slightly included (SI): The gemstone has slight inclusions visible to the naked eye, but they do not significantly affect the gemstone's appearance.
  • slightly to moderately included (SI-I): The gemstone has slight to moderate inclusions that are visible at certain angles.
  • included (I): The gemstone has noticeable inclusions.

Explanation of color grading

  • AAA: dark blue
  • AA: medium blue
  • A: light blue
  • B: pastel blue

General information
  • Slight color variations may occur within a product group.
  • Different monitors may cause color deviations. The color on a monitor can distort the actual color of the gemstone.
  • Color variations may occur between products of different shapes. For example, a round aquamarine in AAA may be lighter than an oval aquamarine with the same AAA color designation.
  • Gemstone sizes may deviate +/- 0.1 mm from the specifications.
  • The weight range indicates that several gemstones are offered in this product category. Since there are no stones with exactly matching weight in gemstones, a weight range is used.

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Thank you for not only paying attention to the sustainability of your great products, but also for being a super nice team. Small businesses are just as important to you as large customers. Uncomplicated processing, great service and fast shipping. Gladly again.

Very personal and lovingly packaged, personal letter, heartfelt thanks, I was very pleased!

As a self-employed goldsmith, I want to have the assurance that the raw materials I work with are mined under fair working conditions. An awareness of the environment and the people. I find this awareness at GEMHype. Beautiful stones! Very friendly and uncomplicated team!

Excellent and fast processing, super friendly service, top quality!

The processing of my inquiry was carried out promptly and to my complete satisfaction. Ms. Arnoldi was very friendly and gave me great advice. In addition to the fast delivery and quality of the gemstones, the environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging should also be emphasized.

Received a super beautiful stone, great and fast communication. Always happy to shop again!

Great company philosophy, excellent service and superb products! I can only recommend them :)

This feedback has already been translated before. Here's the translation again: "Received a really beautiful stone, great and fast communication. Would love to shop here again!"

Gemstones (diversity in type, quality, and cut) are just perfect, and if you are looking for something specific, you will receive competent, fast, and friendly advice.

Super friendly and competent advice and above all – beautiful stones!!!