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GEMHYPE in the german GZ Goldschmiedezeitung


The future is now - The managing directors Isaline and Carl-Philip Arnoldi in an interview! The two were interviewed by GZ Goldschmiedezeitung and explain in the article how they managed to combine tradition and quality with today's modern concepts by founding GEMHYPE.

They wanted to create a young, innovative and sustainable brand for a new target group, alongside the existing family business HC Arnoldi. With GEMHYPE they have charmingly combined the tradition of HC Arnoldi with contemporary modernity.

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GEMHYPE now offers almost 30 different gemstone varieties (tourmalines, aquamarines, garnets, beryls and many more) in 12 different colors with countless undertones. In total, we offer 1,185 products in the store - from calibrated gemstones to single pieces to set stones between five and 20,000 euros. Every month we launch new collections to constantly expand our gemstone assortment.

With GEMHYPE, we position ourselves in the market as a modern brand that attaches great importance to a high, uniform quality standard, combined with the greatest possible transparency and traceability in the origin and processing methods of the gemstones. Ecological sustainability also has the highest priority and is consistently implemented.

Isaline and Carl-Philip Arnoldi always return to the roots of the family business, because here, in the heart of the Arnoldi family, skill, tradition and quality from over 100 years are united.

GEMHYPE is glad to have arisen from the strong partner HC Arnoldi. Thanks to the established traditional company, GEMHYPE can offer a service that is special for a two-year-old company:

Together with HC Arnoldi we have a large offline stock with a wide selection of gemstones, which we have not yet displayed in our online store. Are you looking for a gemstone, or do you have a special request? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Thanks to the in-house cutting shop of HC Arnoldi, we can respond to your wishes separately according to a detailed request. Over 15 qualified cutters can respond to your exact wishes. Just tell us what you are looking for, in what size and price range. We will then make your individual copy.

We send a gemstone assortment selected by you. Within the 30-day return period you can choose, together with your customer, which stone it should be. The return shipment is free of charge. We offer this service exclusively for customers with German domicile.

Exclusively for our customers, we offer a visit to our company headquarters in Kirschweiler (Rhineland-Palatinate, DE). Get an exclusive look at our gemstone collection, as well as a guided tour through HC Arnoldi's traditional cutting shop.



Summer, sun, sunshine! For the final start of the summer we have launched a new collection called "A Variety of Yellow". Find in our store 14 new gold colored tourmalines in antique, oval and pear shapes.

Turmaline von HC Arnoldi und gemhype

In the last months there was a booming interest in yellow tourmalines. We can understand that very well! The sparkling yellow gemstones are the perfect choice for a special piece of jewelry, a golden drop of sunshine that brings joy and radiates harmony every day.

We find the combination of yellow gemstone with metallic materials like sterling silver, platinum or white gold very appealing and approve of the trend!

Get here to our yellow tourmalines!

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