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Together with Elina Sternefeld from STERNEFELD, we have created a truly magical piece of jewellery. The white beryls are cut in our house. In fact in our partner workshop HC Arnoldi. The design and the goldsmith`s work right up to the finished ring was

taken by the designer from Berlin.

Here can you find the entire history of creation:

Elina chose the white beryl for the zhara ring. Beryls come in different color variations. The blue beryl is called Aquamarine and a green one is called Emerald if it contains chrome and/or vanadium.

These two varieties are probably the most famous beryls. The white beryl, also called Goshenite, is a transparent variety of the Beryl Group.

The Goshenite was found in Pegmatit on a farm in Goshen, Massachusetts (USA) - therefore the description for colorless beryls. The finished gem passes through some laborious steps. In the first step, the raw stone is analyzed by an expert, who will decide in shape and cutAfter that the gemstone is pre-shaped, meaning the gemstone receives its basic form.

Before cutting, the stone is glued to a so-called “dop stick”. Now, the individual facets are cutted by hand. Finally, the surface is polished at the end so the gemstone shines in all its beauty. 

GEMHYPE.COM grinds the white beryls at their company headquarters in Kirschweiler, in Idar-Oberstein, the Gemstone City of Germany.

To the beautiful stones still missing the matching ring. A harmonic formal language is particularly important at STERNEFELD. The design of the Zhara Ring is modern, powerful and expressive, paired with elegance. Due to that the precious stones unfolds their fill effect and becomes paramount.

“GEMHYPE.COM is capable to cut all stones according to desired shapes and designs. This is helpful for our creative work, we can act completely independent”. - Elina Sternefeld

After the design process, a 3D model of the jewel is made by computer. This is printed in wax and then poured out in gold with a so-called lost mold. At STERNEFELD only recycled gold is used.

After molding, the ring is refined by the goldsmith. Gem setting is a royal discipline of jewellery production. The Gemstone setter has the difficult task to unite the stones and the ring and thus has a great responsibility not to damage the stones.

Thank you Elina for your trust! We look forward to further joint projects.

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