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Trade fairs are among the most important communication and sales platforms of a company. For business-to-business communication, trade fairs are ideally suited to present yourself to customers in person, to win new customers and to strengthen existing contacts. Trade fairs are also of great importance for the globally operating gemstone industry in order to present newly cut gemstones live to an international audience and to cultivate relationships. With many customers, day-to-day business runs through E-Mail inquiries and the dispatch of goods; Trade fairs are all the more important as places of personal encounter, as anchor points for the relationship between customer and company.

For goldsmiths, jewelers and dealers, trade fairs are of great importance in order to get an overview of the current range of the individual gemstone cutting shops in order to then buy new gemstones for upcoming pieces of jewelry.

The hubs of the gem and jewelry industry

The first industry event of the year is the Vicenzaoro January, which starts off as the most important trade fair for the gemstone and jewelry industry. The latest trends of the season are presented at Vicenzaoro.

Inhorgenta Munich in February is a well-established trade fair in German-speaking countries, which offers a large number of exhibitors and its own platform for innovations and offers new impulses for the industry. It has been taking place in the Bavarian capital since 1973. The name is made up of the words International, Horlogerie (for watches), Argentum (for silver) and Aurum (for gold).

To date, the Baselworld in April has been one of the most important trade fairs for the jewelry and watch industry. It represented the high-price and luxury sectors of the industry. The Covid 19 crisis was the trigger that the trade fair will no longer take place in the conventional manner in future.

The JCK Las Vegas in June is one of the most important trade fairs for the jewelry industry worldwide. Alongside the AGTA Gem Fair in Tucson, it is the most important trade fair for the american jewelry industry.

The September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair is considered the global marketplace for jewelry and gemstones. With over 3,600 exhibitors from 55 countries, the Hong Kong Fair is the most important international trade fair and an important gateway to the Asian market.

The Intergem in October is a small, regional fair in Idar-Oberstein, which offers the local jewelry and gemstone companies an opportunity to present themselves regionally.

The newly founded GemGenève in November is relatively manageable with around 140 exhibitors, but positions itself as an international trading center for high-quality jewelry and precious stones.



The outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis led to major disruptions in the international trade fair business. All trade fairs in the jewelry and gemstone industry were canceled or postponed from the end of February.

Baselworld, which was planned for the beginning of May, was hit particularly hard. The fair had already lost the trust of many exhibitors in advance. The uncertainties in advance and the cancellation of the trade fair caused by Corona are now forcing the organizer to look for new options for a future trade fair concept.

It is certain that trade fairs as a whole, but perhaps even more due to the Covid-19 crisis, are facing a change. The demands of customers are increasing all the time. Exhibition companies must always offer visitors and their exhibitors new possibilities and new comfort. In recent years, for example, many registration processes have been partially digitized.

Particularly noteworthy as a successful innovation is the concept of the Munich-based Inhorgenta, which in the MUNICH Trendfactory format offers young entrepreneurs and interested listeners the opportunity to take a look at the trends of tomorrow. The seminars offered encourage exchange and discussions, so the future of retail can be actively shaped. Visitors, exhibitors and organizers alike can draw new inspiration from the exchange.

Trade fairs continue to play a central role in retail

Despite social media and online marketing, trade fairs play an uninterrupted role in the jewelry and gemstone industry. It is true that the Covid-19 crisis has had a major impact on the international trade fair business. Nevertheless, trade fairs will retain their importance. Direct contact is an important part of the gemstone trade, trade fair events are indispensable here. The digital transformation makes it possible to make future trade fair appearances even more interactive. In the end, however, there is direct contact where the valuable treasures are presented to the customer in person.

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