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The term 'fair trade' is increasingly making a name in the jewellery and gemstones industry. The increasingly sustainable attitude of end customers is becoming increasingly noticeable in wholesale. The conscious consumer is faced with the question: How to find an online supplier to order from with a clear conscience?

The gemstone market is rapidly developing

In the gems and jewellery market report, a detailed market analysis for the 2020-2025 period forecasts an annual growth rate estimated at 1.9 per cent an.

A rapidly growing market does not necessarily have a positive impact on the quality of the product. When choosing the right wholesaler, the buyer must pay particular attention to certain quality criteria in particular in the gemstones and jewellery segment. This is especially true when buying from online shops, where consumers rely on reliable information from the retailer.

In addition to the classics of ruby, sapphire and emerald, the most popular coloured gemstones also include the aquamarine, the tourmaline and the morganite. But how can you ensure that the stones being offered out there are traded fair and with traceable trade routes?

GEMHYPE.COM makes the difference

The difference from one shop to another lies in the transparency. If you want to buy high-quality gemstones online from wholesalers, you need to be reliably informed about all the facts.

A trusted wholesaler openly communicates

  • where its stones come from
  • whether and how the stones were treated
  • and how these facts can be verified

The transparency of the provider should extend across the entire retail chain. Because buyers expect transparent information about the entire process from extraction to end sale.
This comprehensive transparency makes conscious consumer behaviour possible. Customers who search for sustainable products expect a high level of behind the offers .
Wholesalers like GEMHYPE.COM, for example, exclude the purchase of so-called blood diamonds from the outset by categorically excluding certain purchasing countries.

The gems offered by GEMHYPE.COM originate from the following countries:




Tanzanite, tsavorite, mandarin garnet, rhodolite, grossularite


Tourmaline, aquamarine, mandarin garnet, paraiba tourmaline




Aquamarine, tourmaline, paraiba tourmaline, ruby


Aquamarine, tourmaline, mandarin garnet






Paraiba tourmaline, tourmaline, aquamarine, amethyst, citrine



Sri Lanka




And that is exactly how you should buy sustainable gemstones today

It depends on the retailer who not only promises fairness but also openly communicates its Approach.

GEMHYPE.COM guarantees its customers

  • Online presence, a quick and easy overview
  • Transparent pricing
  • Close cooperation with renowned companies in the industry
  • Fast response times
  • Shipping within two days at the latest
  • Return of goods within two weeks without having to provide a reason
  • Standardised quality control of every single product
  • Experience in the procurement and evaluation of raw materials
  • Experience in the area of production and evaluation of cut stones
  • Proximity to suppliers or mines
  • Ensuring compliance with working conditions standards
  • Sustainable shipping

What should be considered when buying gemstones?

If you want to buy high-quality gemstones, you should consider some quality criteria. Four of the most important properties are:

The cut The quality of the cut has a major influence on the value of the gemstone. In addition to purity and colour, the cut decisively determines the quality of the stone: An experienced specialist can upgrade stones with a skilful cut. The colour properties can be best brought out and any inclusions can be removed as best as possible. On the other hand, the stone quality can suffer from a suboptimal cut.

The purity More or less visible inclusions make the naturally grown gemstone unmistakably precious. Only these small imperfections prove the natural origin of the stone. This makes each gem an individual treasure. On the other hand, such inclusions can affect the radiance of the stone. Therefore: the higher the purity, the greater the value.

Polishing When polishing, small unevenness on the surface of gemstones is compensated for. This type of cut can be done mechanically; this process gives the so-called tumbled stones. However, high-quality gemstones are polished by hand and only experienced specialists can achieve optimal results here.

The colour The colour of a gemstone is the most important criterion when determining its value. Approximately 50 per cent of its value is assigned to the colour. This is, in turn, influenced by several factors, in particular the carat weight, the cut and the purity of gemstones have a significant effect on the colour. In the case of natural gemstones, the colour is evaluated primarily according to intensity and uniformity.

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